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Read and answer questions Cameron Considers Confronting Verbally Aggressive
Group Member.
Cameron’s field instructor, chair an interprofessional agency committee and has asked Cameron to chair a
committee meeting because he has another obligation during the committee’s scheduled meeting time
.Cameron feel’s honored that his field instruction has entrusted this important committee responsibility to him .
A new committee member, a psychiatrist, joins the group at the meeting and dominates the meeting. Cameron
perceives that she has her own agenda (one that is not consistent with the group mission or purpose ) During
the meeting ., the psychiatrist interrupts other members, is verbally aggressive, and attempts to force decision
to be made that conflict with the views of other members , Cameron , mindful of his position as a student and
substitute chair , does not know if he should confront her in the meeting or privately ignore her, or attempt to
gently redirect .The other committee members do not acknowledge or confront her behavior during the meeting
and appear uncomfortable what should he do ?



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