CET105 Computational Thinking

CET105 Computational Thinking Assessment 1 – Report 1000 words ( Logical Reasoning) 1000 words (Graph Theory) in this assessment, we are assessing the skills you have developed so far in the following areas: 1. Discuss computing as a profession and a discipline from an historical and developmental perspective, evaluating the development of software, hardware and computer systems. 2. Discuss how the principles of the engineering ethos contribute to computing and Computer Science as disciplines Assessment Requirements The preparatory work for this assessment should be completed on a weekly basis throughout the module. For each topic covered in the module you are required to reflect on that topic, carry out some additional research and write a report comprising the following:  What is the importance to Computer Science of this topic?  What part of the history of Computer Science resulted in the development of this topic?  Examples and/or case studies of applications within the topic area that illustrate its importance to the development of Computer Science  A summary of what you have learned from this topic in terms of knowledge, understanding and skills. In particular you should identify and discuss the Computer Science and/or computational thinking skills and techniques you have developed  Reference List (in Harvard Format) Your report should include references to appropriate websites/books etc. read. Images, diagrams and/or tables should be included where appropriate. As a guideline, the report for each topic should be approximately 1000 words (excluding diagrams, tables and references).