Canadian surveillance and profiling

-5 pages of writing and discussion, double-spaced using 12 pt. font. -references page: list all used sources, and any secondary sources in ASA style format with a separate References page using the McGill style for any case law -use a separate covering sheet stating your title, your name and course information, and date submitted. your last name and page number should appear in a header, starting on the second page and continue till the references page are complete -your title should concisely express your thesis (key point. finding), and employ key criminology concepts. (be careful not to plagiarize a book title or article title)

-The thesis sentence is placed in the introduction paragraph, and explains to the reader the main point of the paper or the central finding of your research on the topic. it is more than a simple restatement of your topic. it should express the conclusion of your research and criminological thinking/ analysis on the topic – 1 to 2 paragraphs of discussion should be focused on linking criminological theory/theories to your topic. Or you can analytically weave the theory discussion throughout – full paragraphs are required; that is, 8-12 sentences per paragraph – use criminology theories control theory, symbolic interactionist perspectives, and contemporary critical theories. -use “Surveillance After Snowden” by David Lyon as a primary source.