Business in Context-WALMART

The CEO was very pleased with your previous report. They now want you to identify ONE major responsible management challenge your case company faces. Choose ONE of the following corporate functions to address that challenge, and explain why. o marketing, o HRM, o accounting/reporting, or o supplychainmanagement. Analyse this one major responsible management challenge to make recommendations for how the company should address the responsible management challenge through the corporate function you have chosen. You should clearly indicate and justify how these recommendations are practicable and realistic in the context of the company’s existing responsible management practices, and how these practices could be further developed and changed to fully implement your recommendations. Resources and Reading List: Core text book Laasch, O. & Conway, R. (2015). Principles of Responsible Management: Glocal sustainability, responsibility and ethics. Stamford, CT: Cengage Learning. Check out Moodle for Q&A documents on each assignment, and copies of the marking criteria and rubric we use to grade your assignments. Get familiar with these BEFORE posting questions in the Moodle forum. Thanks! Journals: – Journal of Business Ethics Organization & Environment Social and Environmental Accountability Journal Stanford Social Innovation Review – Business and Society – Business Strategy and the Environment – Ethics and information technology Examples of other useful resources and websites: – – – • Bloomberg (terminals in Moore building, website) • The Economist • Broadsheet newspapers: e.g. The Financial Times, The Guardian, The Independent, The Telegraph • The Guardian’s Sustainable Business website: • Principles for Responsible Management Education: • World Business Council for Sustainable Development: 7 • The Institute for Business Ethics: (They keep a good record of business ethics news-related items)