Business Ethics and Law

 8 newspaper articles with a short summary on each: 2 Business Ethics 2 on Contracts 2 on Negotiable instruments 2 on Forms of Business Ownership. NOTE: The articles must only be from the 30 September 2018, any earlier article will not be accepted. Also, make sure that they are newspaper articles no journal and no books will be accepted. Write a short summary for each newspaper article, the summary should be half a page. Please find me 8 (2 on Business Ethics , 2 on Contracts, 2 On Negotiable instruments, 2 on Forms of Business Ownership) newspaper articles and summarize them. So, Summarize those 8 articles. please make sure to attach the articles as in links. The summaries should be separated 8 separated papers ). and please make sure that the articles have no subscriptions, so I can access them easily.