Breast Cancer Brochure- Health Promotion

Description Healthy People 2020 (Breast Cancer). You will create a brochure that will inform and educate your population of interest using the following criteria: 1. Identify 3-4 important concepts related to the selected topic and place these creatively within your brochure with an appropriate heading. 2. Identify a minimum of three strategies your intended target audience can use to achieve desired results on your selected topic. Use an appropriate heading and graphics to outline the steps for your intended target audience for them to achieve desired results (related to selected topic). 3. Utilize the foundations of the behavioral theory/model in the design and content of your health education brochure. Be sure to provide a reference for this on your reference page. 4. Create a title page for your brochure. Include your name, the target audience, and feedback from a member of your target audience… (*Please note you will need to share your brochure with a member of your target audience and document their feedback on the title page. For example, John Doe reviewed the brochure and indicated he had difficulty understanding some of the terms. The terms were modified. 5. Include references and intext citations for your sources. You need a minimum of three resources. Be sure to review rubric for how you will be graded. 6. Include a reference page in APA formatting or provide on the back of your brochure Remember, when you use specific information (statistics, resource from another organization, model…something that is not common knowledge) you need to cite or reference where it came from.. list the references (you will probably have 2 or 3) in very small print in the back of brochure after citing within the brochure. always put resources for patients to use in a brochure as well like a website, a phone number etc… so patients can access help on their own. Pretend you are the target population being educated on the HealthPeople2020 Cancer/ Breast Cancer…what would you as the patient want/need to know.