Brand Ethics and Sustainability Case Analysis Paper

Students will analyze and evaluate a real-world brand ethics and sustainability case assigned by the instructor. The case analysis will require a decision regarding the problem presented and support for that decision.

Analyze and evaluate using questions in the problem scenario as a basis for the analysis, but do not limit the analysis to only answering the questions. The paper should not just list questions and responses, but present the analysis in a coherent paper based on knowledge from the course text, as well as other researched sources.

The paper will be in APA style, 6-10 ten pages long, plus title page, table of contents, references (a minimum of 3 sources), and appendices.

Link: McNulty, E. J., Davis, R., Graf, P., & Kent, M. (2010). Should the C-Suite Have a “Green” Seat? Harvard Business Review88(12), 133–137.

Components % of Grade
Assumptions, analysis, and  research 35%
References 10%
Writing Mechanics 15%
Depth and detail of understanding customer engagement 40%
TOTAL 100%