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Compare/Contrast the visual components of Raphael’s work ‘Alba Madonna’ (1510) and ‘The Madonna of the Meadows’ (1505-1506) (also known as ‘Madonna del Prato’).    For your essays introduction refer to chapters 1-3 from Getlein’s “Living with Art”. Include the Artist, Titles of Works, Mediums, Category (Abstract, Representational, or Nonrepresentational) Content, & Context.  In your analysis use the ‘Vocabulary of Art’ outlined in chapters 4 & 5 (Visual Elements and Principles of Design).  What are the stylistic similarities/ differences?  Correct use of terminology will count. Outside sources may be used if properly cited within the essay. Make sure to use .org, .edu, .gov or another nation’s equivalent to these if you use internet sources. I suggest to research your material beforehand so you are prepared for the timed test.