Analyzing a School’s Crisis Plan

 Description As we move into more uncertain times (unemployment, continued talk of terrorist activity, gang activity, and other social concerns), more and more people are pushed over the edge and commit violent acts. Schools are not immune to these acts. For this week’s project, you will evaluate the crisis plan of the school or district in which you work or currently reside and do a written evaluation of the plan, emphasizing communication-related components, using the information located in Bagin, D., Gallagher, D.R., & Moore, E.H. (2012). School and Community Relations as a guide. Transfer the entire plan into a Word document. Read the plan and decide if there are any areas of concern If areas of concern exist, specify the changes you would suggest to your school or district and make the changes in the document. Use the “track changes” function in Word to make the changes, providing comments/reasons for changes in balloons and revisions in alternate hued font. If no areas of concern exist, or for components of the plan that are sound, explain what makes the components sound , pointing out the well-designed components via text balloons. Base your analysis on what you have read in Bagin, D., Gallagher, D.R., & Moore, E.H. (2012). School and Community Relations. To conclude your analysis, attach an additional page and do one of the following: relate any personal experience you have had dealing with a crisis situation in an educational setting, explaining whether or not an effective plan was in place to assist you, or refer to the incident you read about in the pre-activity and comment on your perceived effectiveness of the actions that were taken by school or school district personnel during and after the incident occurred. Length: 5-7 pages not including title and reference pages. References: minimum of 3 scholarly resources.