Analyze Ethical Case Studies


You are an administrator at Vibrant Valley Patient-Centered Medical Home, a healthcare facility that serves a diverse and multicultural community. As part of your role, you are charged with ensuring that patients and medical home staff have access to high quality information about healthcare policies, financing and regulations. In order to help them, you will develop materials that support patient understanding of basic healthcare structures and systems. You will also create training documents for staff members to improve their knowledge of key healthcare laws and regulations and enable them to address some of the ethical issues in healthcare practice.



Good news! The staff training went well and staff members asked a number of great questions during the training. In particular, many participants asked questions about key ethical issues they face in their day-to-day work.

Following the session, Dr. Shaw approached you and asked that next month’s staff training explicitly offer a discussion of ethical issues. She has provided you with two case studies that are typical of the situations encountered by providers at Vibrant Valley to use as part of the discussion. To prepare to lead the next staff training:

Read the case studies included in the Project resources.


Read all corresponding resources for this Project to learn more about how to analyze ethical issues; feel free to conduct your own research to learn more about these ethical issues.



When you are ready, create a detailed outline that analyzes each case study. Use the resource titled A Framework for Thinking Ethically as a guide for each outline.



To ensure that you are fully prepared to lead a detailed discussion of each case, be sure that each outline includes:

A summary of the case study

The ethical issue you identified in the case

The facts of the case

An evaluation of potential actions one could take for each of the five approaches. Refer to the Utilitarian Approach, The Rights Approach, The Justice Approach, The Common Good Approach, and The Virtue Approach.

A selection of the action step that you feel is the best approach for the situation and an explanation of your rationale