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Pick any of the recent stories — “Death and the Compass,” “The Distance of the Moon,” or any of the flash fiction stories — and do a deep dive. Analyze it to smithereens. Get lost in your analysis and let it take you away. Borges and Calvino are so good are taking ideas to their logical — and illogical — conclusions. Pick a story you genuinely enjoy and pick it apart, like a vulture of ideas, until nothing but the bones remain. By the time you are done, you should feel like there is nothing left to say. Consider the following:


Be sure to cite at least three details from the story you chose to substantiate your response, and show how each quote — sequentially and methodically — supports your idea.
Intense scrutiny is not the same as sloppy writing. You should be economical in your writing — and deep and expansive. More words are not the same as more ideas.


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