Allegory in Waiting for the Barbarians (J.M. Coetzee)

 Requirements: • 6-8 pages (double spaced) • MLA Format • Works Cited Page • A clear arguable thesis supported by quotations • At least two secondary sources that center their argument on Waiting for the Barbarians • Annotated Bibliography of all primary and secondary sources used; Description: For this assignment you will be writing a 6-8 page essay in response to ONE of the prompts below. Your essay MUST contain a clear thesis statement that you devise in response to the prompt. (This thesis statement should be “arguable”: meaning that a reasonable person familiar with the work should be able to disagree with it). Your thesis must be supported by relevant quotations from the text, a close reading of what these quotes suggest, and a clear demonstration of how your argument is framed by other secondary sources. Prompt: Allegory is a literary device in which the literal meaning of a text becomes suggestive of broader moral or political meanings that the reader must interpret. Waiting for the Barbarians is often read in terms of allegory due to its intensely symbolic language as will as the ambiguous setting. Write a paper in which you read Coetzee’s novel allegorically in order to make an arguable claim regarding the intended meaning of what is happening in the narrative. This will require that you closely read moments in the text that can be interpreted beyond what is literally happening in the text, and then analyze these moments in order to make your interpretation of what larger meaning can be drawn from the text.